Preparing for your Marriage at St. Columba Catholic Church

Matrimony joins two people in marriage for a lifetime of dedication to each other’s well being and the well being of their children and the community.

Contact Fr. Kevin Novack (970-247-0044) at least nine months to a year prior to your intended wedding date. Interfaith couples may marry in the Church. A dispensation from the bishop’s office needs to be obtained under the guidance of the pastor, Fr. Kevin Novack.

Working with Foccus, a resource tool that guides a couple in recognizing their strengths and potential challenges as they move forward in the vocation of marriage. A review of the Foccus is done with Fr. Kevin Novack, or a couple designated by Fr. Kevin.

a) Baptismal Certificates dated in last six months for both bride and groom who are Catholic.

b) Diocesan Prenuptial Investigation Form (MA Form). This is to be completed by Fr. Kevin Novack. 

c) Diocesan Freedom to Marry forms (MB Form). This is to be completed by the non-Catholic party’s parents in the presence of the priest, or notary public.

d) Colorado State License, which must be presented to the priest or deacon witnessing your marriage at the rehearsal. This is issued 30 days before the wedding. It may be obtained at the local county court house .


Wedding ceremonies are scheduled with respect to the couple’s wishes and availability of the Church and the parish clergy. A priest or deacon can be a witness to the marriage of the couple in the Church.

Two months prior to the wedding the bride and groom will meet with Fr. Kevin to discuss the wedding ceremony. Planning materials will be shared to assist the couple in planning the ceremony.

One month prior to the ceremony, couple will work with Fr. Kevin to finalize the details for the ceremony.

The wedding rehearsal is usually scheduled later in the afternoon the day prior to the wedding. Everyone involved in the wedding should be present to walk through the ceremony.

The wedding ceremony is enriched with music that reaffirms the celebration. Working with the liturgy coordinator, couples are encouraged to contact the parish musicians (a list of parish musicians will be provided by the liturgy coordinator) at least six months prior to the wedding ceremony, to ensure availability and begin discussions about desired music. Church musicians are well prepared to offer guidance in the selection of appropriate liturgical music for wedding ceremonies. Musician fees are separate from the church fees.  

If the Eucharist is celebrated, the Mass Propers should be sung along with other appropriate hymns. The musician along with the liturgy coordinator will provide liturgical planning resources.
Dressing rooms are not available in the church. It is recommended the bride and members of the wedding party arrange to dress before the ceremony at their home. It is important to arrange for someone to be responsible to gather the personal items of the bridal party before leaving the Church.

The environment of St. Columba Church is not optimum for the use of aisle runners, they tear easily and create a safety hazard for the bridal party. It is preferred that they not be used.

Photos are taken either before or after the wedding ceremony. Photographers will not be allowed in the sanctuary area of the church during the service. After the celebration, and with respect for the schedule of other wedding ceremonies or parish Masses, the church will be open for taking pictures. The liturgy coordinator will work with the bridal party in guiding the photographer. 

Video cameras can be placed at the side areas or choir loft of the church. 

Guest books can sometimes delay the ceremony. The book will be closed five minutes prior to the beginning of the wedding ceremony to ensure the ceremony begins begin on time. It can be opened again as guests leave the church or at the wedding reception.

Bird seed or rice is not recommended for use outside as the couple process out of the church. It can become a safety risk for guests and wildlife. A popular choice is wedding bubbles.

Flowers add to the beauty of the celebration.

Upon approval from the pastor and at the direction of the pastoral associate, you are welcome to use this convenient electronic option to make a deposit or pay your church usage fee. Please follow both STEP 1 and STEP 2.  

Please email the office with your full name, the date of your wedding, and your phone number.


Please submit the Wedding/Church Usage Fee using our online secure service by clicking the button below.
NOTE: Go to 'extra contributions' and drop down to Wedding/Church Usage Fee

Thank you! 
Any questions please contact Fr. Kevin Novack, Pastor. 
(970) 247-0044 
For Church Usage:
Registered Parishioners-------no church usage fee
Non- Parishioners---------------$500

Refundable deposit of $100 will secure the wedding date.

Dispensation (Interfaith couple fee)------------ $ 10.00

Musician fees $125.00 per musician.
Customary stipend for the celebrant is $125.00.
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