Leadership Forum

Leadership Forum

If you are interested in volunteering in any of our wonderful ministries, please click on the links below to learn more about the opportunities available for service at               St. Columba Parish.

The next Leadership Forum will be held January 25, beginning in the church at 6:30pm. Parish members are encouraged to attend the upcoming gathering of the five commissions to participate in decision-making and leadership.


A Message from our Pastor from the 2017 Annual Report

Dear Parishioners,

     If I ever heard the word “Evangelization” in my growing up in a large suburban Catholic parish, it perhaps was in connection with the work of missionary priests and sisters. We were just faithful Catholics, and our obligation was to “Pay, Pray, and Obey”. We did not consider that we were part of some great movement that sought to bring the world to Christ. But with the prompting of St. Pope John Paul II, and the two subsequent Popes, the New Evangelization is meant to make the parish the hub of a host of activities that promote evangelization among its practicing members, its non-practicing members, and those who are still unfamiliar with the gospel. Therefore, St. Columba Church has a much larger objective than simply providing Mass and offering Catholic education. And I can honestly say I am truly proud of our efforts.
     Our parish school with 190 students, K - 8th grade, serves as our major tool for evangelizing children and their families, and we’re doing excellent work to bring them a knowledge of Jesus and what it means to be an intentional disciple. Our youth ministry program includes two energized youth ministers and a team of committed adults, reaching out on Sunday evenings to more than 75 middle and high school students. A new young adult ministry has recently formed as well, gathering those 20- to 30-year-old folks to share faith and the desire to follow Jesus. Adult education includes “Affirming our Faith” — a sacramental preparation geared to parents who want their children to participate in the celebration of a sacrament; Scripture study twice each week to promote a deeper understanding of the Sunday readings; and four different book/video discussion groups focused on building faith. St. Columba offers many service opportunities as well, including our own food pantry, ministry to the jail, the nursing home, the hospital, the homebound, as well as participation in local charitable agencies and services. Our chapters of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas, and the Knights of Columbus add their services and commitments to this colorful tapestry of evangelization.
     The commitment and energy involved in all of this is a powerful tool in the ongoing mission, “Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations” (Matthew 28:19). Still the vitality of our ministry, our worship, and our outreach has a financial bottom line, and we cannot sustain this amazing work without considerable support. It is about more than keeping the lights on and hosts available for Mass; it’s about the gospel mission.
     Recognizing the importance of this work, some parish members have truly stepped up to claim their part. Their financial support is invaluable in meeting these needs. But it is not enough! This parish needs all of its members to make the evangelizing mission of the Church their own priority through intentional giving. Many folks give what they have available when they feel that they can. This often means some random bills placed into the collection basket. It may even seem generous. But intentional giving means that an annual amount has been determined, and then is divided into a committed weekly or monthly donation. Intentional giving is rooted in our trust of God, our recognition of his generosity to us, and a confident belief in the good that our parish is doing for the work of the gospel.
     Here’s our challenge: We are honestly doing great work, but we can’t afford to continue it at the level of financial support we have now. I’m asking that you consider prayerfully what you can commit to for this important work, for this is an exciting time to be the Church on a mission.
     Know that I appreciate all the good you do, and I feel truly blessed and grateful to serve as your pastor.

Fr. Kevin Novack

To read the rest of the Annual Report Click Here

Worship Commission

Liturgy Committee members are invited to assist with evaluation and planning of our parish worship. The committee members assist the pastor in recruiting and training various liturgical ministers. Most committee members are involved in some way in our current parish ministries. There are representatives from music, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, lectors, special liturgies, and quarterly scheduling. Each year our committee takes a special document and studies ways to help enhance our parish celebrations or share the knowledge. Committee membership is a three-year commitment.

Eucharistic liturgy is the source and summit of our Catholic Christian Life. It is where we are nourished by God’s Word and fed by His Body and Blood. If you have a gift in one of our liturgical ministries, or a gift in organization or creativity, consider joining our liturgy committee.

Interested in joining the Liturgy Planning Committee or Music Planning - contact Judy Sturdevant (247-0044) for more information.
Liturgical Church Environment- contact Mary Thompson (259-1720).
If you are interested in joining one of the liturgical ministries of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, Lectors, Ushers or Altar Servers, contact Judy Sturdevant (247-0044).

Liturgical Roll
Faith in Action 
Faith in Action is a prayer circle of more than 100 dedicated pray-ers. Faith in Action is at the core of why St. Columba exists as a parish community. It gives each of us actionable ways to love our neighbor as individuals and as community. Our logo presents the image of what Faith in Action embodies: a cross with all that it symbolizes; pain, sacrifice, suffering, forgiveness – emitting rays of mercy, grace, hope – emerging into a heart brimming with care and love.

St. Columba has numerous ministries that are all about giving and serving. Each of these ministries is involved in doing tremendous good and serves a particular purpose; however, for some people, life commitments prevent them from being part of a formal ministry. Faith in Action gives everyone the opportunity to help others throughout the community without having to attend meetings. The ministry identifies members of our community who are in need and provides support to them through prayer. This truly embodies the concept of loving our neighbor.

Our pray-ers receive an email of the prayer requests on a regular basis. You can submit a prayer request, or join the prayer circle by clicking the links below. We are a parish praying for its fellow members and helping those in need. We are a parish that is alive and active in the name of Jesus..
Rejoice always, pray constantly, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thessalonians 5:17
Prayer Request Form Join the Prayer Circle

Faith Formation Commission

Perhaps your gifts lie in teaching and sharing your faith. Go here to see which ministry you would be most well-suited to volunteer with.

Community Life Commission

Knights of Columbus
Durango Council #1408 has been a model of discipleship for more than 100 years. We thank our Lord, Jesus Christ, for giving us the opportunity to serve in this beautiful area. Comprised of Catholic men from Sacred Heart and St. Columba parishes, we work for the benefit of Church, community, family and youth. We appreciate the public's support of the fundraising events necessary to continue our work. We encourage prospective members to visit our meetings, held on the second Tuesday of each month in the parish center. Contact Marvin Giersch (970-422-8500) for more information. 

Catholic Daughters of the Americas
The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is one of the oldest and largest organizations of Catholic women in the Americas. The local Court St. Anthony #1248 was formed in 1936, represented by women from St. Columba and Sacred Heart parishes.

The Catholic Daughters of the Americas is organized around a circle of love, with leadership provided at the national, state and local levels. The local Court St. Anthony meets on a monthly basis (first Saturday in the St. Columba parish center). These gatherings include both social time and a formal agenda. Spiritual enhancement is central to each gathering.  

Court St. Anthony #1248 welcomes all Catholic women; annual dues are $25 per person. The fellowship of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas is enriched through the diversity of the members, each bringing their individuals gifts and talents to share. Regent Cathy Cray (779-8048) is happy to speak with women who are interested in joining in the service of the Catholic Daughters of the Americas.

Proceeds from Catholic Daughter fundraising events benefit seminary education, elementary Catholic education, the hungry, women in need, young adult ministry, and hospice programming. The Catholic Daughters celebrate the dedication of the pastors of both       St. Columba and Sacred Heart parishes in a variety of ways throughout the year. Catholic Daughters provide commemorative gifts to parish youth in celebration of the sacrament of confirmation.The Catholic Daughters of the Americas Court St. Anthony #1248 keeps a scrapbook and publishes a periodic newsletter to document and celebrate the many ways they serve St. Columba and Sacred Heart parishes. For more information visit: www.catholicdaughters.org.

Click here for more information about the Catholic Daughters scholarship application for female high school seniors.

Court St. Anthony #1248 Officers 
Regent: Cathy Cray (779-8048)
Vice Regent: Elaine Stumpo
Recording Secretary: Barbara Barnes
Financial Secretary: Donna Barnes
Treasurer: Cristi Harper

St. Columba Parish values a spirit of hospitality as it gathers to celebrate Mass and at all parish events. The Hospitality Committee plays a key role in that spirit. Through a variety of activities this group of men and women are engaged in the very pulse of parish life, ministering with compassion. To learn more about the Hospitality Committee, or to share a dish for a welcome dinner or funeral reception, contact Marie Cobb (403-3228).

Book Club
The St. Columba Book Club meets the third Monday of each month at 5:00pm in the church office.
All parishioners are welcome to attend.

Altar & Rosary Society
The Altar & Rosary Society meets the second Wednesday of each month (1:00pm) to pray the Rosary for the intentions of the parish.
Contact Angie Gladson (247-4669) for more information.

Outreach Commission

Nursing Home
Four Corners Health Care – Each Tuesday at 2:00pm St. Columba conducts a Communion Service for the residents of Four Corners nursing home. Once a month, Mass is celebrated. Volunteers assist in setting up the chapel, gathering the residents, sharing their vocal or instrumental music talents, and following each Communion Service or Mass, leading the residents in praying the Rosary. To become involved in the nursing home ministry, contact Shirley Scott (247-1125).

Sunshine Gardens – On the third Tuesday of each month at 10am, St. Columba volunteers offer a Word & Communion Service to residents at Sunshine Gardens Senior Community & Assisted Living Center. To learn more about volunteering at the Sunshine Gardens service, contact Annie Carroll.
Cottonwood Inn Rehabilitation & Extended Care Center – Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion volunteer their services to residents of Cottonwood each Tuesday. To learn more about becoming an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion and working with the residents of Cottonwood, contact Annie Carroll (769-1350).

Homebound | Hospital
Homebound – Some parishioners are temporarily homebound while they recover medically, while some parishioners are more permanently homebound. St. Columba has a visiting team of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, who together with the pastor ensure homebound parishioners receive pastoral visits to include the presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. 

Mercy Regional Medical Center – Catholic Mass is offered each Wednesday at noon in the chapel at Mercy Regional Medical Center. A hospital stay can be spiritually strengthened through prayer and Eucharist. St. Columba Parish has a team of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion who volunteer their services through the hospital's Spiritual Care Department. Volunteers who are interested in bringing Communion to those who are in the hospital are required to receive training as an Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion in preparation for joining this especially meaningful ministry. The schedule for hospital ministry is matched to the availability of volunteers. 

To learn more about serving as a hospital or homebound ministry volunteer, contact Annie Carroll (769-1350).

Food Pantry
The primary goal of the St. Columba Food Pantry is to provide food year-round for those in need. The pantry is stocked with non-perishable items such as canned meats, soups, fruits, vegetables and boxed items such as cereal, stuffing, instant potatoes and macaroni and cheese. Through the generosity of parishioners, many families are helped throughout the course of the year. Donations of food may be dropped off at the entrance of the church on the first weekend of each month, or at the parish office. If you choose to make a financial donation in lieu of buying groceries, please make a notation of “Food Pantry” on your check and drop it off in the offertory basket or at the parish office.

The St. Columba Parish holiday food drive begins in the fall. If you know of a family who might need food assistance during the holidays (Thanksgiving and Christmas), please contact the parish office (247-0044). During the last holiday season, more than 100 families received food boxes.

Deacon Steve leads this ministry. If you have an interest in joining our Food Pantry team, please contact him (findsteve@earthlink.net). YOU ARE THE HOPE OF THE HUNGRY! Thank you for your generosity!

Jail Ministry
Volunteers from St. Columba and Sacred Heart bring the presence of Jesus Christ by bringing hope to the imprisoned. Each Wednesday a Communion Service is offered; once a month Mass is celebrated. Both men and women are vital to this ministry which serves those who are incarcerated. To learn more about the Jail Ministry, contact LeRoy Rheault (259-6711).

St. Columba Parish invites Catholics to come back to church. If you know someone who wants to grow in their spiritual journey or has been away from the Church, know that Landings at St. Columba offers a place to do that. One way to further explore your faith and spirituality is through Landings here at our church community. During several sessions, a small group of active parishioners who are exploring their faith themselves, meet with a small group of inactive or returning Catholics to share and explore their faith together. We are eager to talk with you.
For more information contact the church office (247-0044) or email: landings@stcolumbacatholic.org.

Mercy & Life
The purpose of St. Columba’s Mercy & Life Team is to integrate Catholic social mission into all aspects of parish life, focusing on the dignity of the human person. St. Columba is a tithing parish. Ten percent of parish envelope offerings are given in outreach to local, regional/national, and international needs. These offerings are allocated and recommended by the Mercy & Life Team to the Outreach Commission for the parish. Volunteers of the Mercy & Life Team meet monthly as needed to plan educational opportunities and activities to integrate and carry out Catholic social mission in our parish and community. For more information, contact Donna Rheault (259-6711).  

Manna Soup Kitchen
Manna Soup Kitchen was founded in May 1985. The previous winter, a woman died from starvation in a horse stall at the La Plata County Fairgrounds. Scrawled on the wall beside her were the words, “nobody cares.” This tragedy resulted in a small group of Christians organizing to provide food for the hungry. The mission of Manna Soup Kitchen is to provide, in the spirit of Jesus Christ, nourishing meals and supportive services in an atmosphere of acceptance and caring for those in need. The volunteers of
St. Columba are proud to be part of that mission.
St. Columba volunteers help to prepare a mid-day meal for clients of the Manna Soup Kitchen three times per month. Our scheduled days at the facility are the first Monday and Wednesday and the third Monday of each month. Each volunteer team member usually helps out three or four times per year. Volunteers assist with food preparation and meal service under the direction of the kitchen manager. They also assist with kitchen clean up after the meal is served.
In addition, our St. Columba Youth Ministry coordinates a volunteer team to serve at Manna Soup Kitchen whenever there are five Saturdays in a month, preparing and serving a mid-day meal on the fifth Saturday.
To learn more about volunteering with our Manna Soup Kitchen Ministry, please contact Mary Janis (375-9360).

Volunteers of America (VOA) Shelter Dinners
Volunteers of America's Durango Community Shelter serves homeless children, women and men with comprehensive residential shelter services. The Durango Community Shelter serves more than 500 people each year, more than 40 percent women and children. The Durango Community Shelter is the only shelter of its kind in La Plata County, and the only option for families and individuals trying to get back on their feet and regain self-sufficiency.

Meals are prepared and served by the St. Columba volunteers on the second Tuesday and the last Thursday of each month. Volunteers prepare a main dish, salad or dessert at home for approximately 25 people. The food items are brought to the shelter at 5:30pm and served to residents with the other team members. Shelter residents are responsible for clean up after the meal.

To become part of this team, contact Jolleen Myers (247-5598).

Administration Commision

Finance Council
Coming soon!

Building and Grounds
Coming Soon!

Long Range Planning
The Long Range Planning Team has been meeting for many months, developing a process to analyze the future capital needs of our parish campus. The team is building on previous work from the St. Columba at 150 assessment and strategic plan, recognizing that some of our buildings are more than 130 years old.

The next step in the planning process will be the development of a Campus Master Plan. The plan will include a review of current facilities, the development of a proposal to replace buildings if and where necessary, a long-range maintenance plan to ensure the extended life of usable buildings, and a look at future facility needs based upon the vision and mission of the parish.

A planning and design firm has been selected to develop our Campus Master Plan. The feasibility of a financial commitment to pay for the plan will be assessed by our Finance Council later this year, after the 2015-16 budget is complete.  

Parishioner input is welcome throughout this process. Questions about the Long Range Planning Team or the Campus Master Plan can be directed to LeRoy Rheault, Chairperson of the Long Range Planning Team (259-6711) or Kelly Gessel, Parish Business Manager (247-0044, x20).

In addition to periodic letters sent directly to parishioner homes, St. Columba Parish works to reach parishioners with current information through a variety of communication sources:

The weekly bulletin provides information to assist parishioners in navigating the coming weeks.

The parish website (www.stcolumbacatholic.org) has expanded information to inform and educate, with links to valuable Catholic resources.

The Facebook page (St. Columba Parish Durango) provides frequent reminder announcements about upcoming events, pictures and news updates.

The school website (stcolumbaschooldurango) features current news and school information.

Parish members are encouraged to access each of these outlets to expand their knowledge of and engagement in the life of the parish. If you are interested in joining our communications team in helping to keep our parishioners informed, please call the church office (247-0044).
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